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About AyZar


AyZar Inc is the product of a life-long partnership between Mehdi Aynechi and Shirin Zarkesh, husband and wife team, to be later strengthened by son, Dean Aynechi, leveraging their complementary talent, education, expertise, and experience, to provide end to end real estate development related products and services, hence effecting value enhancing change through real estate.

Prior to formal establishment of AyZar Inc, both Mehdi and Shirin spent years with world leader companies such as The Walt Disney and Marriott, where they gained valuable experience in the roam of development, construction, and business planning.

The two came to the realization that the combination spelled an obvious opportunity; Real Estate Development, leveraging both their arts and sciences background to foster growth. Combined with personal vested interest, dedication to maximizing value to investors, adherence to fair business practices, and aggressive promotion of creativity, the duo were poised for their entrepreneurial debut in 2005 which led to establishment of AyZar Developments LLC.

As investments grew initially, and subsequently weathered the economic tsunami successfully, AyZar Developments began receiving requests from the established network to provide same services to third party entities, outside of the investment groups. The requests led to conversion of AyZar Developments to AyZar Inc in June of 2010.

In 2011, Dean Aynechi was added to the top management team to initially bring in the commercial brokerage component, and later to support the organization as the General Counsel.

The company has since grown into multi faceted organization providing synergistic services in the roam of real estate, leveraging the trio’s expertise and breadth of experience, as well as those of top management, dedicated to practicing same principals and level of dedication to all projects, including those AyZar’s principals do not have a personal vested interest.

AyZar’s principals take great pride in having brought value to investors over the past ten years, despite the economic downturn during the great recession, but find even greater satisfaction in the respect, and relationships they have been able to foster along the way.